Our Approach

At Magnolia Intelligence, we're passionate about security and innovation. We're ​committed to providing agile leadership and intelligence-driven solutions that ​protect our clients and their assets from threats and risks. With a focus on ​collaboration and customization, we're always ready to take on new challenges ​and deliver results that exceed expectations. Trust us to secure your future.

Company Profile

Meet Magnolia Intelligence:

A Company Dedicated to Protecting Your Business

Magnolia Intelligence was established by a seasoned ​Intelligence Professional with years of international experience. ​Our knowledge and expertise cover a wide spectrum of ​safeguarding intellectual property, personnel training, and ​protecting clients and their assets against malicious actors. With ​Magnolia Intelligence, you can rest assured that your business is ​in good hands.

Our Team

Magnolia Intelligence is a team of skilled professionals with ​diverse backgrounds. We pride ourselves on delivering tailored ​solutions that are as unique as our clients.

Our goal

At Magnolia Intelligence, we acknowledge that human factors pose the greatest risk for businesses. Our goal is to equip clients with the ​knowledge and resources needed to protect themselves against ongoing threats that can impact their information, reputation, and ​overall success.

Our Services

Security & Cyber Awareness ​Training

We provide clients and their staff with practical training to ​protect from malicious actors.

Security Advisory

We provide on-site security intelligence advisory services.

Due Diligence

We provide due diligence investigations in a range of ​areas of operations.

Armed Assailant Awareness Training

Empower Yourself. Protect Others. Stay ​Vigilant.

Our program equips individuals with vital knowledge on how to respond to armed ​threats: run, hide, defend. We empower you with actionable strategies to protect ​yourself and others, including tactics to disarm or delay attackers. With police ​response times typically brief, your ability to slow down an assailant can make all the ​difference in surviving a critical moment.

Safety is paramount, and preparation saves lives. Join us in fostering a safer tomorrow, ​guided by the expertise of industry veterans including our CEO, who has spent years ​providing active shooter and safety awareness training to private companies in the ​USA, alongside former Secret Service and dignitary protection officers.

Insider Threat Training

Defend from Within: Insider Threat ​Detection Course

Unlock the secrets to safeguarding your organisation from insider ​threats with Magnolia Intelligence's Insider Threat Training Course.

Developed by seasoned intelligence officers with unparalleled expertise, ​this course goes beyond the surface to reveal the subtle signs and ​indicators of potential insider threats.

Learn how to identify, assess, and mitigate risks posed by trusted ​individuals within your organisation, equipping yourself with the ​knowledge and tools to protect sensitive data and assets.

Gain valuable insights from real-world case studies and practical ​scenarios, ensuring you're prepared to detect and address insider ​threats effectively. Stay one step ahead of potential risks with Magnolia ​Intelligence's Insider Threat Training Course.

Security & Cyber awareness TRAining

Enhance your security and cyber awareness with our ​holistic training course. From safeguarding sensitive data ​online to ensuring personal physical safety, we cover it all. ​Learn to identify and mitigate both digital and physical ​threats effectively. Join our expert-led sessions to equip ​yourself with the skills needed to protect yourself and your ​organization comprehensively.

corporate travel safe program

Are you a business professional frequently traveling globally? Do you seek ​new markets, expanded reach, and lucrative opportunities? At Magnolia ​Intelligence, we understand your enthusiasm for corporate travel and ​prioritise your safety and security.

Our program provides the knowledge and skills for confident global ​business. Learn from experienced travelers, industry experts, and security ​professionals on personal safety, risk management, business etiquette, ​and emergency preparedness.

Gain practical tips and tools for secure travel. With real-world scenarios ​and a network of business travelers, you'll be prepared for any corporate ​endeavor. Contact us today to unlock new business horizons with ​confidence.

Virtual CSO program

As threats to businesses evolve, a proactive approach to corporate ​security is essential for mitigating risks and ensuring the safety and ​continuity of operations.

Our Virtual Corporate Security Officer Program (vCSO) is designed ​to provide comprehensive security advisory services on a retainer ​basis, catering to the specific needs of your organization.

We offer on-demand security advice, travel briefings, physical ​security assessments, and timely

geopolitical updates to enable informed decision-making in an ​ever-changing environment.

Our Client Roster

From our early days, we've been providing discreet, reliable service to our clientele.

We've had the honor of being the firm of choice of many Fortune 500 companies in the United States, ASX 100 ​companies in Australia and Global Pharmaceuticals.

gl​obal pharma

life sciences

ut​ilities & Law firms


The magnolia tree is a symbol of stability, endurance, ​strength and everlasting connections, capturing the ​essence of our business and relationships with clients ​and colleagues.

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